'tis the Season


For friendship, family, and fun. Karen Bonaker has taken care of that last one in her latest blog post. She is giving away 25 Painter 12 brushes, one each day from now until December 25th! Read about it here:


Santa Claus

...and I am wishing for all of you a Holiday season filled with friendship, family, fun, joy and peace.


Holiday Open Studio 2012 at DAA!

Well folks, once more it's "That time of year" and registration is open for Holiday Open Studio 2012, at the Digital Art Academy. There are fun things being planned for you this year by me, Skip Allen, and of course our very own Karen. In the first week you will join Karen and learn to paint a gorgeous Autumn landscape using special brushes, and since the class begins on November 17, it's the perfect thing to get you in the mood for the beginning of the Holiday season.
Autumn trees
Week two will be my class and I will be teaching you how to construct your own personal greeting card using a template and materials I will provide especially for this year's class. I'm going to teach you some new tips and techniques using Painter, and I'll also teach you how you can embellish your card digitally, or by using a combination of digital and real life materials. Your final card will be a unique and personal gift you'll be happy to share with friends and family.

Red and green card with aged sheet music

In Week Three, Skip Allen will show you how to paint a pot of Poinsettias and Holiday Florals using his Buttery oil brushes (another great possibility for a greeting card!). Skip's lessons are always so creative...I can't wait to see what he comes up with this year.

Finally, week four goes back to Karen who will provide an additional card template for you and teach you how to paint a winter scene which you can print on your template.

So...that's the general syllabus, and when you've finished all four weeks (on December 14th) you will have the makings of four different and unique greeting cards to send out this year. 

Holiday open studio will be great fun as usual, so please join us in this annual workfest and celebration to help get you into the mood for days of fun to come. It's going to be a very special time.

Exciting new update for Painter 12!

Today the Corel Corporation released the second major update for Corel® Painter™ 12. This update fixes some previous bugs, but the most exciting feature is the introduction of Flow Maps for Water Color enthusiasts. There is a descriptive post over at the Painter Factory which explains this new feature and why if you love Water Color and the new Real Wet Oils, you're going to love it.

You can go directly to the download page which contains all updates and patches for Painter 12 here. Additional information is available at the Corel site, and the detailed "Read Me" may be accessed here.

Skip Allen has created two excellent videos on the subject of Flow Maps. There is an overview video available here, and a more detailed video available here. Download this valuable update now, and start having fun with Flow Maps!

Don't forget! Before downloading and installing any update for Painter 12, export all your workspaces to a folder which resides outside of the program to ensure you do not lose any of your custom items.

After you've backed up your custom items by exporting the workspace, install the update, then reboot your computer. After rebooting, hold down the Shift key while launching the updated Painter 12 for the first time. In the dialog which appears, choose "All Workspaces", then click "OK". After Painter launches, Import your workspaces, and you'll be good to go. :)

For Mac users: A free script for using Custom libraries


The following information is being published courtesy of David Gell.

There is currently an issue in Corel Painter 12, whereby Custom libraries which have been exported on the Windows PC platform are greyed out in the Import Library dialog and cannot be opened when attempting to import them on the Apple Mac platform, due to missing codes.

The Set P12 Library Import droplet application (link is below) will automatically add the necessary codes to the Windows PC Painter 12 exported libraries, based on the file extension name.

Note: For OS X 10.7 (Lion), you need to use the Snow Leopard version of the droplet script.

Using the Droplet Application

1. Download the script from this link:

2. Unzip the file and place the droplet script named "Set P12 Library Import" on your desktop.

3. Drag and drop any of the custom Painter library files with the following extensions from the finder onto the droplet script icon.

  • Paper Library File extension:  .paperlibrary
  • Pattern Library File extension:  .patternlibrary
  • Gradient Library File extension:  .gradientlibrary
  • Nozzle Library File extension:  .nozzlelibrary
  • Look Library   File extension:  .looklibrary
  • Weave Library File extension:  .weavelibrary
  • Script Library File extension:  .scriptlibrary
  • Image Portfolio Library File extension:  .imageportfoliolibrary
  • Selection Portfolio Library  File extension:  .selectionportfoliolibrary

On my Mac, the screen tends to flicker momentarily as the script operates on the file.

4. To use the library, open the options menu on the respective Library panel and choose "Import (name of library) Library".

Note: Any custom Painter library which you download from the internet should be supplied to you by the provider inside a zipped folder. After unzipping the folder, locate the enclosed library file (for example, a paper library will have a .paperlibrary extension), then drag and drop the library file onto the droplet script icon in order to automatically add the correct Mac codes.

I have found that if the libraries are not first placed in a folder by the provider before zipping, neither the script nor the Import Library function will work.

In addition to the droplet script, you can also download some fabulous, unusual, and  innovative custom brushes for Painter from David's web site at: http://www.jitterbrush.com/

Open Enrollment Classes begin today!

The Open Enrollment classes at DAA begin today, June 1, 2012. This is a brand new type of format at DAA and as I mentioned in my previous blog post "Open Enrollment" means that if you enroll today you will have full access to all lessons, lesson materials, and the classroom forums.

At the present time, the available Open Enrollment classes are:

Introduction to Painter 12: Part 1 

Introduction to Painter 12: Part 2

Introduction to Painter 12: Part 3 

The above classes are all taught by me, Elaina Moore-Kelly, but wait there's more! (I really do like saying that don't I? Too many infomercials...LOL)

There is a class specifically geared toward those who have used prior versions of Painter, particularly Painter X and painter 11. The class is taught by Painter Master Skip Allen and will give you solid insight into the many varied and wonderful changes which have taken place within this latest version of my favorite graphics program.

Painter 12: A New Beginning

Painter Master Karen Bonaker will be offering two Art Rage courses in the Open Enrollment format:

ArtRage Pro-Brush Course-Watercolor and What’s New in ArtRage 3.5

ArtRage Mixed Media

and also one of her wonderfully creative Open Studio classes:

Open Studio Street Scenes

Last but not least, Skip Allen has converted his Painter 11 classes to the new format:

The regular, instructor led classes will open for registration on June 30 and will begin on August 4. You can read more about those here.

Meanwhile, I hope you will take advantage of this new format at DAA, I think it will be particularly advantageous to new Painter users, and as time goes on, more courses will probably be added using this format. So, stay tuned.

At Last! Intro to Painter 12: Part 3!

Well I bet you thought it would never happen, but finally there is a Part 3 to the Introduction to Painter 12 classes. The class opens for enrollment on Friday, June 1, 2012. It's all about the new Painter 12 Library systems, and customizing the program to fit your personal preferences and workflow.

There is loads of material for you to learn, and some interesting homework assignments too. Be prepared for lots of reading as usual, but I think you will find the time you spend worthwhile...at least I hope so...LOL.

Before further ado, here is a link to the class description page:

Introduction to Painter 12: Part 3

To view the detailed Syllabus, click on the tab above the image.

You may notice this class says it's an "Open Enrollment Course". This is a new experiment, and all of my Painter 12 Intro classes will be set up this way. "Open Enrollment" means that you can go from one Intro level class to the next as you complete the lessons. For example:

Let's say you enroll in the Introduction to Painter 12: Part 1 on June 1, and you complete all four lessons by the second week of July. At that time you can go ahead and enroll in the Introduction to Painter 12: Part 2 class, and as soon as you complete all the Part 2 lessons, you can go ahead and enroll in Part 3. No more waiting for a new school session to begin!

As I mentioned previously, this is a new experiment, but if it goes well (and I hope it will), then this will be the way all of my Painter Intro classes will be offered in the future. I hope you will enjoy this new class format, and I also hope to see many of my Painter 2 students in the new Painter 3 class. I think you're going to really enjoy these new lessons.

Here is a sample image from the homework assignments (Lesson 4).

Elephants in the jungle

Until Friday...

Session Two Classes at Digital Art Academy

Registration for session two continues at DAA and will remain open through April 13, 2012.

Classes will begin on April 7, 2012 and continue through May 4, 2012.

The list of available classes for this session is located here:


Come join us for another fun-filled learning and creativity session!

Sample image from Painter 12 Part 2 - Lesson 4

New Hot Fix for Painter 12.1

Corel has issued a Hot Fix for Painter 12.1 which addresses the Brush lagging issues with the new Real Watercolor variants. Although it's not specified on the Corel site, I suggest that after you install the Hot Fix, you hold down your shift key the first time you launch Painter in order to reset everything back to default. Doing so seems to clear our any remaining Painter "cobwebs".

Always, always, back up your custom items before resetting to default. The easy way to do this? Export your workspace(s).


You Can Draw!


You Can Draw!

In my Painter classes, I often hear my students say, "I can't even draw a straight line!" Each time I hear this I have to laugh because I don't know of anyone who is able to draw a straight line unless they use a ruler. A straight line is no indicator of whether or not one is able to draw. I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to draw, and what holds most people back is a total lack of confidence.

Of course, not everyone can draw perfectly, and your individual drawing skill will depend on how much or how little talent you possess; however, even if you're unable to draw as well as your favorite artist, nevertheless, you still possess the ability, with practice and training, to draw well enough to achieve a personal sense of satisfaction. My belief in everyone's ability to draw is a direct result of my exposure to of one of my personal heroes, the artist, JonGnagy.

I believe that you are an artist. I believe that everyone is an artist. When I say this I am not trying to be sensational. I merely state it as a conviction which has been proving itself for years in my beginners' art classes.
Jon Gnagy

Jon became very famous in the 1950's as a result of his TV show which continued to be shown until 1970, a very long-running television show. I guess I was about eleven when I discovered Jon, and I lusted after his "Learn to Draw Kit". The kit was out of the question for my mother. In those days a single parent, especially a woman, had all she could do to keep food on the table, much less buy art supplies for her child, no matter how much the child wanted them. ...and so, I made do, with a #2 pencil and a rubber eraser, and I followed Jon's show for several years, learning to master his basic shapes, the ball, the cone, the cube, and the cylinder. As the years passed, I went on to other interests, but always returned to drawing. These days, I can afford wonderful pencils, pens, brushes, and pastels, but they have never replaced the early thrill of being able to produce "art" from my simple tools, a pencil and an eraser.

More than Jon's lessons, his philosophy is what kept me pursuing art and drawing over the years, and I believe his philosophy to be true, that everyone is an artist, and that each of us contains that spark. So, don't let your lack of confidence hold you back. Pick up a pencil, a pad of paper, and an eraser. Set up a still life in your kitchen, go out in the yard and sketch a tree, hold your hand out in front of you and draw it, but whatever you do, don't stop trying. You will never know where it can lead you, and the journey will be one of the best ones you will ever take. 

Painter 12.1 enhancement: Photoshop Plug-ins support


With the release of the Painter 12.1 update, support for Photoshop Plug-ins is once again available, for both 32 bit and 64 bit sytems. One of the most popular of these have been the fabulous plug-ins available from Topaz.

To install/load the Topaz plug-ins in Painter 12.1, use the following method if you already have any Topaz plug-ins installed on your system, for example, in Adobe® Photoshop®:

To install all of your Topaz plug-ins:

1. Go to the Plugins folder in Photoshop, and copy the entire Topaz folder and all its contents.

2. Paste the folder into the Plugins folder in Painter 12 located here:

Corel\Painter12\Support Files\Plugins

To install individual Topaz plug-ins:

1.  Go to the Topaz\Plugins folder in Photoshop.

2. Copy the Presets folder, and any individual Topaz plug-in folders you want to use in Painter.

2. Paste the Presets folder and the individual Topaz plugin folder(s) into:

Corel\Painter12\Support Files\Plugins

You need the Presets folder unless you plan on creating all of your Topaz effects from scratch.

If you have never before installed Topaz:

I believe the installation asks you what your host application will be, and offers you the chance to browse to the location. I have no way to test this for you since I installed my Topaz plug-ins more than two years ago. However, if I am correct, simply browse to the Corel\Painter12\Support Files\Plugins folder during the installation of Topaz, and all should be well.

Enjoy the ability to use Topaz in Painter 12.1!


Corel Painter 12 updated!


Exciting news!

The Corel Corp. announced a major update today for Painter 12. This new update will change your current installation of Painter 12 to Painter 12.1.

The most significant enhancement will be in the area of Brush Management. With the new update installed you will now be able to manage your brushes and brush libraries in the same way you manage all your other libraries.
No more rooting around in the depths of your computer!

Well done Corel Development team!

In addition to this exciting new way of managing brushes, enhancements have also been made to the Mixer panel, the Brushstroke preview in the Dab profile panel, Workspace Management, and there are additional options now available for customizing the panels in your workspace.

Plus! There is now full support for Adobe® Photoshop® plug-ins. 

Read the announcement here:

Download the update here:

Don't forget to back up all your custom items before installing, especially your favorite workspaces. After installing the update, hold down your shift key when launching for the first time and then choose, "All Workspaces" from the dialog.



Registration is open at Digital Art Academy!

Hello All,

Registration is now open for the January 2012 session at Digital Art Academy (DAA).  The first session of the year begins on January 28 and ends on Feb 24.  DAA classes focus on Corel Painter, specifically Painter 12, but there are also a few self-study courses for Painter 11 which are active.  Start your New Year off by exploring the wonderful world of Corel Painter. Detailed information is available at DAA; however, below is a brief synopsis of the current offerings (beginning naturally with my own classes ;) ).
If you are brand new to Painter 12 or are an experienced user who would like a refresher course, then my Introduction to Painter12 Part 1 and Introduction to Painter 12 Part 2 are the classes which will start you off on the right foot.

Butterfly collage created in Painter 12
I've been teaching beginner classes for Corel Painter for several years now, and my goal is to try and present the material in a clear, concise and non-threatening way. The classes are very detailed with lots of screen shots, and are primarily offered in PDF format since this gives the beginner material which they can refer back to when necessary.

Using Corel Painter requires a good foundation, and I'm always thrilled when I know I've helped a new user embark on this creative lifelong journey which is called Corel Painter.
Some very exciting news! There is a new instructor at DAA. Her name is Joan Hamilton, and she paints the most beautiful watercolors. Joan will be teaching some of her techniques in this new class, and if you are a fan of watercolor, especially when created digitally using Corel Painter, then this class is not to be missed. If you want to see samples of Joan's beautiful work, visit her blog. You'll be glad you did.

"Morning on the Beach"

Corel Painter Master Karen Bonaker offers a class using the new 3.5 version of Art Rage Pro. Karen is an accomplished water colorist, and a very creative artist. In her class you will learn how to use the watercolor brush category in Art Rage Studio Pro 3.5how to make watercolor brushes, and last but not least, what’s new in Art Rage Studio Pro 3.5. In addition to video lessons, Karen also holds live session Webinars each week. Art Rage Pro is a very versatile and inexpensive painting program, and Karen will show you how to use many of the program tools effectively. 

"All Undone" painted in Art Rage Studio Pro 3.5
Corel Painter Master Skip Allen continues to provide DAA with his wonderful classes. Skip's teaching style is very relaxed and his approach is very creative too. If you have just upgraded to Painter 12, or are thinking about doing so and you have a good working knowledge of Painter X and/or Painter 11, consider enrolling in Skip Allen's Painter 12: A New Beginning class. Skip designed this class for the experienced Corel Painter user who is new to Painter 12. Discover the delights and mysteries of Corel Painter 12 in four short weeks.

"Table and lamp"
If you love the look of Watercolor paintings, but don't know where to begin, Skip's "The Basics of Watercolor in Corel Painter 12", is being offered again this session. In this class, Skip focuses on Painter 12 and the new watercolor variants, Real Watercolor. 

Also available this session is Skip's popular The Basics of Brush Making in Painter 12. This class takes the mystique out of brush making in Painter 12.  It is a basic course and doesn’t cover everything, but the student will develop a firm foundation in the techniques of brush making.

...and for those of you who haven't yet decided to upgrade to Painter 12 because they are still trying to learn their way around Painter 11, DAA offers Skip's three Painter 11 classes as Self-study:

Introduction to Corel Painter 11 the Basics

Introduction to Corel Painter 11 Beyond the Basics

Corel Painter 11 Selections, Channels and Masks, a class for advanced users

As you can see, DAA has something for almost everyone. Come join us as we embark on another year of learning, exploration, creativity, and fun.