Corel Painter 12 updated!


Exciting news!

The Corel Corp. announced a major update today for Painter 12. This new update will change your current installation of Painter 12 to Painter 12.1.

The most significant enhancement will be in the area of Brush Management. With the new update installed you will now be able to manage your brushes and brush libraries in the same way you manage all your other libraries.
No more rooting around in the depths of your computer!

Well done Corel Development team!

In addition to this exciting new way of managing brushes, enhancements have also been made to the Mixer panel, the Brushstroke preview in the Dab profile panel, Workspace Management, and there are additional options now available for customizing the panels in your workspace.

Plus! There is now full support for Adobe® Photoshop® plug-ins. 

Read the announcement here:

Download the update here:

Don't forget to back up all your custom items before installing, especially your favorite workspaces. After installing the update, hold down your shift key when launching for the first time and then choose, "All Workspaces" from the dialog.




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