Painter 12.1 enhancement: Photoshop Plug-ins support


With the release of the Painter 12.1 update, support for Photoshop Plug-ins is once again available, for both 32 bit and 64 bit sytems. One of the most popular of these have been the fabulous plug-ins available from Topaz.

To install/load the Topaz plug-ins in Painter 12.1, use the following method if you already have any Topaz plug-ins installed on your system, for example, in Adobe® Photoshop®:

To install all of your Topaz plug-ins:

1. Go to the Plugins folder in Photoshop, and copy the entire Topaz folder and all its contents.

2. Paste the folder into the Plugins folder in Painter 12 located here:

Corel\Painter12\Support Files\Plugins

To install individual Topaz plug-ins:

1.  Go to the Topaz\Plugins folder in Photoshop.

2. Copy the Presets folder, and any individual Topaz plug-in folders you want to use in Painter.

2. Paste the Presets folder and the individual Topaz plugin folder(s) into:

Corel\Painter12\Support Files\Plugins

You need the Presets folder unless you plan on creating all of your Topaz effects from scratch.

If you have never before installed Topaz:

I believe the installation asks you what your host application will be, and offers you the chance to browse to the location. I have no way to test this for you since I installed my Topaz plug-ins more than two years ago. However, if I am correct, simply browse to the Corel\Painter12\Support Files\Plugins folder during the installation of Topaz, and all should be well.

Enjoy the ability to use Topaz in Painter 12.1!



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