At Last! Intro to Painter 12: Part 3!

Well I bet you thought it would never happen, but finally there is a Part 3 to the Introduction to Painter 12 classes. The class opens for enrollment on Friday, June 1, 2012. It's all about the new Painter 12 Library systems, and customizing the program to fit your personal preferences and workflow.

There is loads of material for you to learn, and some interesting homework assignments too. Be prepared for lots of reading as usual, but I think you will find the time you spend least I hope so...LOL.

Before further ado, here is a link to the class description page:

Introduction to Painter 12: Part 3

To view the detailed Syllabus, click on the tab above the image.

You may notice this class says it's an "Open Enrollment Course". This is a new experiment, and all of my Painter 12 Intro classes will be set up this way. "Open Enrollment" means that you can go from one Intro level class to the next as you complete the lessons. For example:

Let's say you enroll in the Introduction to Painter 12: Part 1 on June 1, and you complete all four lessons by the second week of July. At that time you can go ahead and enroll in the Introduction to Painter 12: Part 2 class, and as soon as you complete all the Part 2 lessons, you can go ahead and enroll in Part 3. No more waiting for a new school session to begin!

As I mentioned previously, this is a new experiment, but if it goes well (and I hope it will), then this will be the way all of my Painter Intro classes will be offered in the future. I hope you will enjoy this new class format, and I also hope to see many of my Painter 2 students in the new Painter 3 class. I think you're going to really enjoy these new lessons.

Here is a sample image from the homework assignments (Lesson 4).

Elephants in the jungle

Until Friday...