For Mac users: A free script for using Custom libraries


The following information is being published courtesy of David Gell.

There is currently an issue in Corel Painter 12, whereby Custom libraries which have been exported on the Windows PC platform are greyed out in the Import Library dialog and cannot be opened when attempting to import them on the Apple Mac platform, due to missing codes.

The Set P12 Library Import droplet application (link is below) will automatically add the necessary codes to the Windows PC Painter 12 exported libraries, based on the file extension name.

Note: For OS X 10.7 (Lion), you need to use the Snow Leopard version of the droplet script.

Using the Droplet Application

1. Download the script from this link:

2. Unzip the file and place the droplet script named "Set P12 Library Import" on your desktop.

3. Drag and drop any of the custom Painter library files with the following extensions from the finder onto the droplet script icon.

  • Paper Library File extension:  .paperlibrary
  • Pattern Library File extension:  .patternlibrary
  • Gradient Library File extension:  .gradientlibrary
  • Nozzle Library File extension:  .nozzlelibrary
  • Look Library   File extension:  .looklibrary
  • Weave Library File extension:  .weavelibrary
  • Script Library File extension:  .scriptlibrary
  • Image Portfolio Library File extension:  .imageportfoliolibrary
  • Selection Portfolio Library  File extension:  .selectionportfoliolibrary

On my Mac, the screen tends to flicker momentarily as the script operates on the file.

4. To use the library, open the options menu on the respective Library panel and choose "Import (name of library) Library".

Note: Any custom Painter library which you download from the internet should be supplied to you by the provider inside a zipped folder. After unzipping the folder, locate the enclosed library file (for example, a paper library will have a .paperlibrary extension), then drag and drop the library file onto the droplet script icon in order to automatically add the correct Mac codes.

I have found that if the libraries are not first placed in a folder by the provider before zipping, neither the script nor the Import Library function will work.

In addition to the droplet script, you can also download some fabulous, unusual, and  innovative custom brushes for Painter from David's web site at:


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