Open Enrollment Classes begin today!

The Open Enrollment classes at DAA begin today, June 1, 2012. This is a brand new type of format at DAA and as I mentioned in my previous blog post "Open Enrollment" means that if you enroll today you will have full access to all lessons, lesson materials, and the classroom forums.

At the present time, the available Open Enrollment classes are:

Introduction to Painter 12: Part 1 

Introduction to Painter 12: Part 2

Introduction to Painter 12: Part 3 

The above classes are all taught by me, Elaina Moore-Kelly, but wait there's more! (I really do like saying that don't I? Too many infomercials...LOL)

There is a class specifically geared toward those who have used prior versions of Painter, particularly Painter X and painter 11. The class is taught by Painter Master Skip Allen and will give you solid insight into the many varied and wonderful changes which have taken place within this latest version of my favorite graphics program.

Painter 12: A New Beginning

Painter Master Karen Bonaker will be offering two Art Rage courses in the Open Enrollment format:

ArtRage Pro-Brush Course-Watercolor and What’s New in ArtRage 3.5

ArtRage Mixed Media

and also one of her wonderfully creative Open Studio classes:

Open Studio Street Scenes

Last but not least, Skip Allen has converted his Painter 11 classes to the new format:

The regular, instructor led classes will open for registration on June 30 and will begin on August 4. You can read more about those here.

Meanwhile, I hope you will take advantage of this new format at DAA, I think it will be particularly advantageous to new Painter users, and as time goes on, more courses will probably be added using this format. So, stay tuned.


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