Painter 12.2 Service Pack Update


Corel has released a Service Pack for Painter 12.2. This pack has added optimization for the Mac platform. You may read specific details about this on Andy Church's blog. Several issues have also been addressed in  this service pack and you may read about those in the release notes here.

If you have the program set to automatically update then you probably don't have to do anything. You can verify whether you are up to date by going to Help>About Corel Painter. Look at the number in the upper left corner of the popup. It should be If the version number is other than this, you will have to download and install the Service Pack manually. 

The Service Pack may be downloaded here. Note that there is one download for the Mac and another download for Windows.

After downloading and installing the Service Pack, and before you launch Painter for the first time, export your current workspace, and any other workspaces you enjoy using so you don't lose any of your "goodies".

After you export your workspace(s), hold down your Shift key. In the dialog which appears, choose "All Workspaces", then OK.

When Painter launches you will have to import your favorite saved workspace, but otherwise you should be good to go. :)