Corel Painter X3 Service Pack 1 now available

Corel released Service Pack 1 for Painter X3 today. If you haven't already received a message on your computer, you can get the SP by opening Painter and going to Help>Check for updates. After waiting a few moments you should see the update available for download and installation. If it's not ready for you, wait a few hours and check again.

Caution! Before installing the SP, be sure to export all your custom workspaces, and panels, especially custom brushes...just in case. :)

Here is the information from the post at The Painter Factory by Andy Church on the reasons why you should install this Service Pack.
Here are the top 10 reasons you will want to grab it!

1. Cloning is smooth & predictable.
2. Prefer to start, stop and flip back and forth between Painter 12 and X3?
    Go for it!
3. Copy, paste and use keyboard commands to your hearts delight.
4. Layer on the layers and transform with stability.
5. Shortcut crazy? Use all the characters you want.
6. Set and forget your workspace.
7.  Scripted brushstrokes are a perfect timesaver.
8. Straight as an arrow shapes and selections.
9. Load your brushes, customize parameters and paint away.
10. Access help any time you need it.

Detailed information about the issues which were addressed may be found here.

MAC USERS: This service pack delivers OSX 10.9 support for Painter X3.  You can learn more about the service pack details here.

I don't know about you, but I plan to export all my goodies and install that Service Pack this evening. :)


Digital Photography Classes at DAA

Hello Painters and Photographers,

We have a new type of class being offered at DAA, and the classes are being taught by Al Mireau, a photographer and long-term instructor. Thsee classes will teach you how to use your camera more effectively and how to produce wonderful photographs. I took Al's classes several years ago and learned how and why to use my camera in full manual mode, and many other things. Although these days I mostly use one of the new, small, point and shoot cameras which only has a few manual settings (because it's small enough to fit in my purse) I still learned enough in Al's classes to make me a much better photographer than I used to be.

Al's photographs have been published nationally (in Canada) with Gardens West, Air Canada, Grandfather, Heritage Canada, and Canada West magazines. Want to see some examples of Al's work? Check out his features photographs here. Be sure to scroll down the page to see the photo of the deer... (I am so jealous! :)

Al's classes are open for registration and officially begin on November 11 (Monday). Don't miss the opportunity to learn from one of the best.

Best regards,