Brush Training Videos


For those of you who are interested in what goes on "under the hood" of the Painter Brush Engine, an excellent tutorial series by Jason Maranto has been made available at the VTC web site. I was privileged to be able to view advance showings of the first 18 videos and believe me, this is an excellent set of tutorials. By the time you're through watching all the videos you will be able to alter and/or create custom brushes to your heart's content. Jason has a clear and concise way of explaining the inner workings of the Painter Brushes, and even those who are very experienced with Painter will find new information in this series.

In case you have a slower Internet connection as I do, wait a few weeks at which time VTC will be releasing the course on USB (by which I'm guessing you will be able to buy a small flash drive with the lessons pre-loaded) Meanwhile, go over to the VTC site and take advantage of the eighteen free lessons which they are offering.