This is an ongoing list of resources to help you learn to use Corel Painter. I'll be adding to this list as I discover new web sites which I think will be useful.

Painter Brushes

David Gell's sites: David has two different web sites, one contains all kinds of useful information and exciting brush variants. There are also some small utilities and Painter scripts for Mac users. This is Jitter Brush. You must visit this site, there are wonderful things there.

David's new's all about Painter X3...and Beyond. 

NEW! David just added two new resources to his site, a gallery of the Paper textures which are included in the Painter Extras folder (Painter 12) and a second gallery which displays the Default Painter X3 Paper textures.

Brush Samples by Valerie Beeby. Valerie very kindly went through the entire program and created image samples of each brush and basic variant (she didn't do all the different size increments of each variant, an unnecessary chore). When you go to the page, click on the various categories groups. You'll be taken to a page with thumbnail images of the brush strokes. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image. You can save the larger image to your computer! These are so useful. Thank you Valerie.

Skip Allen paints: Skip has become a brushmaker extraordinaire. Visit his blog and find brushes to download, learn how to use and tweak brushes, and all kind of other goodies and tidbits.

Painter Brushes Guide. At the Corel site.

Although a fabulous tool, the Mac OSX Color picker is not the most user-friendly tool on the planet, however, this wonderfully written tutorial by Robin Wood should make you an expert!

One of my students posted the link to this utility to the classroom message board. He likes it very much, and recommends it. The little program is Donationware, so if you download it and decide it's useful, please don't forget to go back to the site and click on the "donate" button. He only wants $4.00...a very minimal amount. :)

Jinny Brown's PixelAlley
Jinny Brown is one of the foremost experts on all things Painter. PixelAlley is Jenny&146;s unique website which contains some very valuable information and education for the Corel Painter user. A visit to PixelAlley is a must. Be sure to read her terms of use at the bottom of the page regarding Copyright.

Books about Painter

There are lots of books about Painter available, and lots of money to be spent buying them. If you want the one book which will give your the most "bank for your buck" you can't go wrong with the Jeremy Sutton Painter Creativity series. Get the book which goes with your version of the program, and by the way, Jeremy does a lot of revising from book to book, so each one has different, and useful information in it. I own three versions: "Painter IX Creativity", "Painter X Creativity", and "Painter 11 Creativity"...all of them are very good. :)


Unfortunately, Jeremy is no longer writing new books for Painter; however, he does have a web site which contains videos, free Painter supplies and much more. Check it out:

Wacom Tablet Links

Wacom videos on Lots more videos available here..

Need a new manual for your tablet? 

John is one of the original authors of Painter. Click on the Gallery link to see some of his phenomenal art work, then when you're finished oohing and aahing, click on the resources button to find links for tutorials and custom brushes.
NOTE: This site is not Firefox friendly. If you use FF as your browser, and you have the IE addon, right click on the link and choose "Open Link in IE Tab". Otherwise, you'll just have to view the page in...gulp...IE. ;)

A Painter forum. If you become a member, not only can you post questions to the forum, but you will also have access to custom brushes created by other members. Both John Derry and Jinny Brown frequently post to this forum and Jinny is often on hand to answer those difficult Painter questions. :)

From Corel

Various Tutorials

Note: these tutorials are primarily for older versions of Painter, i.e., prior to X3. Nevertheless, many of them are still applicable. There is a wealth of information on this page.